All 24 Volunteers said they would recommend Bowen as a treatment to a fellow Asthma sufferer.

Below are quotes from some of the Asthma Volunteers:

"Asthma stopped me taking vigorous exercise - I can now."

"I never expected Bowen to have much effect, being a natural sceptic, but am happy to have been proved wrong! Now feeling extremely positive and I hopefully, will feel able to leave my inhaler at home in future."

"Before treatment, my inhaler had to go everywhere with me, even in the house - and I needed a steroid inhaler as well. Now, I ignore the inhaler (broncodilator) in the house. Also steroid now not needed."

"Regained self confidence, take less medication and do not rely on medications taken "just in case" or panic if the inhaler is not within reach".

"This treatment has changed my life. I was constantly having severe attacks and now I hardly ever use my Ventolin Inhaler."

"I would not have believed that my asthma could be improved so much by a holistic therapy. I will certainly carry on having treatments."

"I can now run around after my nephews and nieces, as before I would worry about having an asthma attack."

"My overall feeling of well being has greatly improved. Prior to Bowen, I never ever felt 100% - I was operating in a routine below par."

"My outlook has always been positive, so to be able to get back to a reasonable normality is great."